Essay Editing: Your essay will be checked for all common errors of punctuation, grammar, spelling, syntax, and correct use of referencing. Where necessary I will also make comments and suggestions about word choice, appropriateness of topic sentences, and the overall structure of the essay.

Essay Rewriting: In addition to editing your essay where necessary I will provide guidance and examples on how you should rewrite critical sections of the essay, such as the introduction and conclusion of the essay.

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Professional editing is a vital step before your essay is submitted for review. The proper editing of your essay can positively influence your grade. I go far beyond editing, and offer comments on a paper´s construction, organization, and ensure that it conforms to best academic practices.

I will correct errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formatting. Moreover, where necessary, I will insert comments or questions if I feel any parts of your essay that are unclear or require further elaboration. I will also ensuring that it is formatted correctly and that referencing confirms to your documentation style (such as APA, MLA, or Chicago).
Please send me an email if you have questions about my services or you would like to get an estimate of the cost of editing your essay. Please give me as many details as possible, or if it is finished you can send me the document and I can give you a precise quote.

A detailed list of my editing:


• capitalization
• comma usage
• contractions
• punctuation
• redundancy
• academic tone
• subject-verb agreement


• tables and figures
• table of contents
• figure and table captions
• headings
• table formatting
• consistency of style

References and Citations

• identify statements that require references
• check that all citations appear in the bibliography
• check the bibliography conforms to your required style (such as APA, MLA, or Chicago).

See samples I have edited

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