Hand in your thesis or dissertation with confidence. I can remove errors and improve the language throughout your thesis

1. Email
Tell me your the approximate length and due date of your dissertation. If it is finished attach it.

2. Get a price
I’ll tell you the cost
I’ll tell you the finish date

3. Confirm and send
Tell me to start editing and tell me your deadline. I usually need about 24h hours per 5,000 words.

4. My Feedback
You will get your corrected task, feedback, and your score for each of the four grading criteria.

5. Payment
After you have read and reviewed your corrected dissertation please pay promptly

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Professional editing is a vital step before your dissertation is submitted for review. The proper editing of a dissertation can positively influence your grade. I go far beyond editing, and offer comments on a paper´s construction, organization, and ensure that it conforms to best academic practices.

I will correct errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formatting. In Addition, I will review your dissertation to make sure that the thesis is clearly stated and that all of the sentences and paragraphs that follow the thesis statement flow naturally from it. The dissertation must be structured well so that there is a logical progression from your research question or hypotheses to the results and conclusion.

Moreover, where necessary, I will insert comments or questions if I feel any parts of your dissertation that are unclear or require further elaboration. I will also ensuring that it is formatted correctly and that referencing confirms to your documentation style (such as APA, MLA, or Chicago). Please send me an email if you have questions about my services or you would like to get an estimate of the cost of editing your dissertation. Please give me as many details as possible, or if it is finished you can send me the document and I can give you a precise quote.


A detailed list of my editing:


• capitalization
• comma usage
• contractions
• punctuation
• redundancy
• academic tone
• subject-verb agreement


• tables and figures
• table of contents
• figure and table captions
• headings
• table formatting
• consistency of style

References and Citations

• identify statements that require references
• check that all citations appear in the bibliography
• check the bibliography conforms to your required style (such as APA, MLA, or Chicago).


See samples I have edited

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