Improving your Essay

An essay that is clear, concise, consistent and correct will capture and hold your reader’s attention, so you get the grade your ideas and hard work deserve! A range of services are available to meet your specific requirements:

Essay Editing: Your essay will be checked for all common errors of punctuation, grammar, spelling, syntax, and correct use of referencing. Where necessary I will also make comments and suggestions about word choice, appropriateness of topic sentences, and the overall structure of the essay.

Essay Rewriting: In addition to editing your essay where necessary I will provide guidance and examples on how you should rewrite critical sections of the essay, such as the introduction and conclusion of the essay.

Types of documents edited:

All types of essays are edited including PhD thesis, Master’s dissertation, essays at all levels. In addition, Personal Statements, Resumes, Curriculum Vitae’s, College Applications can all be edited.

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