IELTS task 1 data separation

adffa Data Separation

IELTS task 1 data separation

adffa Data Separation



Data Separation

Dealing with Ages

The key learning outcome I wanted to highlight with this task is the data separation. Many students find this one very difficult to complete within 190 words. Even fewer complete it anywhere near that number and are able to cover all the data. The key is the data separation.

At first glance, the logical separation point is the gender. The general rule is to always go for the one with the least number of categories in order to achieve the separation which in this case you can choose between genders or six age groups. However, if you study and reflect on it one key disadvantage of separating based on gender is that then means you have to write each age group label twice. Once for each gender. The age groups are wordy and can add to a word number blow out. Hence, I advocate that in this instance the logical separation is the age groups.

As you can see from this example, it is easier to make comparisons and to combine the data in a more interesting and scientific way and the entire report can be completed in under 170 words.

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