Essay Correction


My professional essay editing and writing service removes errors in your writing, and improves the structure of your essay, which makes the quality of your ideas shine through. Consequently your teachers will be more impressed with the quality of your essay and be more able to see the key points of what you have written. This results in higher grades for you!  


IELTS Writing

If you are taking an IELTS exam and wish to have your IELTS writing edited, then the best way is to use our sister site. .


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Types of Essays Edited:

PhD thesis,

Master’s dissertation,

Essays at all levels.


In addition, Personal Statements, Statements of Purposes (SOP), Resumes, Curriculum Vitae’s, College Applications can all be edited.


Key Aspects of our service:

  1. 48 hour Turnaround time 
  2. Accurate proofreading 
  3. Correction of grammatical errors 
  4. Correction of structural errors 
  5. Suggestions for improving your writing 
  6. Ask the editor questions after correction

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I provide a service to help university students to increase their score by editing their essays, reports, and dissertations. I can also re-write critical parts of essays such as the introduction and conclusion.


I have edited 1000s of essays and dissertations over the last ten years. I have put a few samples on my website: